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here's the deal:

Are We a Good Fit?

To me, if I don't enjoy talking to someone, then I won't work with them.  I hope you feel the same. I have terrific relationships with my clients, and together we work hard toward minimizing their tax burden and making sure they are confident that they are doing the right thing.  Often, it is about getting them organized on the right accounting platform and getting the numbers and processes right... and efficient. Our relationships are built on accessibility and open communication.

Who Do I Serve?

  • Business owners or investors

  • Rental property owners

  • Multistate taxpayers (or folks having recently moved to Idaho)

Who I Don't Serve...

  • Restaurants 

  • Contractors

  • Retailers


I respect folks that run these kinds of businesses.  They're tough! BUT, these are businesses that need the time and focus of pros dedicated to those businesses.  If you are one of the above, the first question you should ask of any potential CPA is, "DO you serve many folks like me?" The answer should be an unequivocal "YES". If not, keep looking...


I have none.  Covid came and gave me the greatest gift possible...shutting down my in-town office.  I work from home in Sandpoint or wherever I am cruising aboard Loon, our 43ft DeFever Trawler

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